AirCon 9,000 BTU 13 SEER 110v Mini Split Heat Pump

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This AIr Conditioner pays for itself in the summer months
I purchased this split air conditioner over the summer. Our old one was not working any more and this was the cheapest for what we needed. I am very happy with the product.
Overall this is great for any house.
Well I bought this air conditioning system after many months of looking at various products for the split air conditioning systems. I have been using this unit for about 2 years now, and it's still working great.
Peter Bar
My friend has recomended me this brand!
The AirCon Split Air Conditioner is such an amazing product. I really love how it feels as fresh as REAL wind! It's a great item that you should get. I love how it makes me feel, not just by it's wind. It puts me into a great mood, which people seem to need these days.
Elijah McCaffrey
Blows HARD and COLD!
This AirCon 9,000 BTU 15 SEER is FANTASTIC! We were looking at many stores on line last summer for a replacement for the old clunker that finally gave out. I am thankful the old air conditioner gave out, it was costing us a fortune in electric bills!
Stephen A. Thomas
I highly recommend this air conditioner by AirCon
This air conditioner does a great job of consistent circulating air around the room, so cool temps are balanced throughout. It consistently performs at top notch quality and is worth the purchase!
Guadalupe S.
Energy efficiency.
The Minisplit Heat Pump has a SEER 15, as of this writing, the highest in this class and the most economical to run. To date, my heating bills are halved!
Edgar Phillips
Ease of Use!
I wanted a unit that could both cool and heat - thus I got the heat pump unit. I finally decided on a 9000 Btu unit which is what I needed for concrete floor and uninsulated roof.
Carrie C. Carroll
Cools down large areas, easy maintenance.
I bought this split air conditioner because It's easy to use and set up. This air conditioner is absolutely great. You can adjust the desired room temperature and whether you want it high or low.
Christopher J. Griffin
Great Company.
I called The Best Mini Split. The customer service aspect was fantastic with quick call backs, detailed answers to questions about the product and the service and excellent coordination.
Extremely quiet. Very cool.
Cools a rumpus room area without any difficulty. This machine is so quiet, you won't even know it's on. It heats/cools the space very quickly, and maintains a consistent temperature.
Does the job!
I love the energy saver. I live in a very small home and this is perfect for my living room.
David Daly
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