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This unit is very easy to place in the wall, and is very easy to operate. I need only turn on the unit, set the desired temperature, fan speed, and then set back and enjoy the cool air. I have had this unit for several months now and it is still keeping me cool. I am satisfied that I will have it for several more years.
A great service customer. This model is light-weight and also extremely simple to install and lasts an incredible amount of time. The midea air conditioner worked fabulously.
C. Richards
While we do have central ac in our house, it is not enough to cool the "add on" room. So we added a ductless unit to cool the extra room which works great, expecially in the heat of the summer. I love the digital controls and remote with makes it easy to turn on and lower the temperature with out having to go to the split air conditioner to do it.
This air conditioner is good quality and it gets the job done. My house was cool within 15 to 20 minutes and my family and i live in a two bedroom house, You get what you pay for so why are you still reading this go get yourself one today!
Nedar Canales
Another good quality is how it looks! It really fits my house, it will probably fit anybodies house! Fits with anything, as long as you place it in the right place.... air conditioner is easy to install. Doesn't make alot of noise and blow out cool air.
I think thats an awesome thing! our old ac barely cooled the living room . i would definitly reccommend this air conditioner to anyone who is looking to get OUT of the awful summer heat and stay super cool with this super cool ac :)
Edith E.
If you ever find yourself looking to add cooling/heating to a section of your home or cottage, this product can be far superior to conventionally ducted or window systems.
Abbey Wearne
This model is easy to operate,quiet,cools quickly. The Best Mini-split has excellent customer service. This is bought in the USA which is an important advantage. Free shipping.
i got this one on sale as well, so it was definitely worth what i paid for. You should def be going with a trusted brand! Overall we are very pleased with the unit 10/10
Kris M. Fleischman
Highly recommended , my system is cooling an area far larger than it's designed to work in.
This ac is perfect for a large living room, I ran it on low cool the rest of the summer. This is worth the price and its easy to install.
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