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These units are no good at all, they dont shut off, thry dont come with proper installation and user manuals. They overshoot theyre setpoint by 7 or 8 degrees, they freeze up and dont defrost properly when heating, overall chinese garbage
charles tardy
After 3 years unit ecv malfunctioning. Midea usa has taken months with no delivery of part. Apparently they have no ability to get parts except what Midea china sends in periodic shipments. They don't know what may or may not be in the container they may be getting. They are unwilling to order a 8oz part direct from China. Vendors have resorted to cannibalizing parts from new or defective inventory. Will probably never install another unit. As a HVAC installer I have never encounter a more backward or disorganized company.
Johnny R
This is my second summer with my Midea split Air Conditioner and it still works just as great as the first day I turned it on. Though I never personally installed it, the business I bought it at locally installed within just a few minutes and it seemed very effortless and quick.
Roy B. Artis
My wife and i have it up in our loft for the summers because they get so hot. I works great and we are extremely satisfied. Its simple to use, its quiet and really does a good job at pushing out the real Cool air.
T. Fernandez
It has several different settings and it is easy to use. It is so easy to use that my young daughter turns it on and off herself everyday. It is a very good air conditioner for the price i would recommend to anyone.
Ralph Bumgarner
IT is a very quiet machine, pretty simple to install. So far its worth the price but it all depends on how long it lasts :) The remote is a nice feature if you plan on placing the a/c far from reach.
L. Williams
It was really easy to install and we loved that it was energy star rated. I purchased this unit for my disabled brothers room. It's easy to control and he can operate it on his own. More importantly it keeps his room cool without constantly running.
I checked Lowe's, Home Depot, Ebay and finally The Best Mini-split for a good product at a good price. We found this Midea 9000 BTU at the The Best Mini-split.
Alan M.
I purchased this air conditioner for my husband's cabin in Los Angeles. We visit there often, in the winter and the summer. I was looking for something that would heat, as well as cool. This was the perfect appliance for that. It is heavy, so my husband did all the lifting, but it after it was installed, it worked beautifully.
M. Delarosa
Midea 9000 BTU 110v 19 SEER Mini Split Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner did an excellent job of keeping the kitchen cool and helping to send some chilled air into the middle of the house where the other 2 units couldn't really reach.
Erick K. Huber
I have had the unit installed for 8 months now and am VERY happy. It runs like a dream and most surprisingly is SOOO quiet! The outside fan unit is super quiet as well.
It does a great job at cooling down a large area. when I turn it on, it cooled down the entire apartment, which wasn't a small area. The size of the air conditioner is not unnecessarily bulky and it's sturdy.
Excellent customer Service , very good product , I would recommend.
Excellent customer Service , very good product , I would recomend
Overall I had a great experience with The Best Mini Split. The total unit cost was very reasonable and less than I had expected.
Jonh C.
I researched a LOT for 2 splits for our bedrooms. This model has one of the best SEER rating for cooling and has a great speed fan. Very happy with our 2 units.
George Wilson
This is an excellent , economical unit. extremely easy to install and maintain. i recommend this unit to anyone that has an area they like to maintain comfortable temperatures in.
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