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Breez Smart controller for ACs and Heat Pumps
Product Overview Breez smart controller gives you the luxury of controlling your ductless heat pumps or air-conditioners from anywhere. Breez automatically turns the air conditioner or heat pump off when you leave the premises and starts to cool/heat on your return as per your set schedule. Breez can...
Universal Foldable Wall Sleeve for Standard PTAC 42" X 16"
Universal Foldable Wall Sleeve for Standard Size PTAC, 42" x 16" Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Packaged Terminal Air Conditoner Heat Pumps (PTAC and PTHP) are all-in-one heating and cooling units that are easy to install and use, but they do require a wall sleeve and a grille. The wall sleeve...
Aluminum Architectural Grille for PTAC
YMGI Aluminum Architectural Grill for PTAC Complete your YMGI PTAC/PTHP installation with this architectural style aluminum grille. It attaches to the PTAC/PTHP wall sleeve on the rear and faces the exterior. Built to withstand the elements and protect your PTAC from dirt and flying debris, it's both...
remote Control Universal
This universal remote control can be used to control about 99.9% of the worlds air conditioners. It includes the following features: Timer Clock Display Memory Function Wall Mount
4 Lead Mini Split Connection Wire Sold by the Foot
4 conductor wire for mini split systems Sold by the foot. Any length is available. Buy by the foot. Specify the length needed. Price is given PER FOOT. UL and CSA Approved for Indoor and Outdoor use 16 4C 26/30B SJOW/SJOOW90C300V Specifications: AWG Size: 16 No. of Cond.: 4 Conductor Stranding: 26/30...
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