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What Applications Are Ductless Systems Designed For?

Ductless systems were originally designed to offer an alternative to forced-air systems and portable units, providing versatile installations for home and business owners. Ductless technology and design have exceeded those early goals.

These are some of the applications perfectly suited for ductless heating and cooling:


If you are converting unused space inside your home, such as attic or basement spaces, to living spaces, you’ve probably thought about different ways you might heat and cool the new room. Ductless systems are ideal for space conversions, since you don’t need to extend ducts, and portable and window units are inefficient or perhaps impractical.

New Additions

Room additions are common, and figuring out how to heat and cool new rooms is a common problem. That is no longer the case with ductless mini splits. Your HVAC professional installs the indoor AHU in the most practical location you choose, and you’re in business.

Spare Rooms

Do you have rooms that are seldom used in your home, such as extra bedrooms? With a ductless system, you can heat and cool these rooms on demand – separately from the rest of the home.


Pool houses, guest cottages and workshops are easily heated and cooled with ductless systems. With a multi split configuration, you may use the same outside unit to heat and cool rooms in the main house, too, depending on the selected model and conduit length.


More homeowners are discovering the power of ductless systems for heating and cooling an entire home. If you are designing a home, consider a modular ductless configuration that links mini and multi ductless systems to heat and cool all the zones efficiently and comfortably.

Replacement and Supplemental

If it’s time to replace your current system, or you need to supplement the system, consider a modular ductless configuration instead.

Older Homes

Many older homes across the Southeast don't have air ducts. It can be expensive to heat and cool these homes, and comfort is often less than desirable. Ductless systems are the natural solution to this dilemma.

Vacation Home 

Ductless systems use electricity (not gas or oil), so they are easy to maintain and may sit idle for extended time periods between uses.

Rental Properties

Ductless systems are low maintenance, making them ideal for rental properties. (The benefits of ductless systems are appealing to potential renters, too.)


Ductless systems are available for small offices and substantial commercial applications.